"Dick jokes + 'man with dildo on chin' x heart = Winner." SHORT OF THE WEEK

"If you relish the thought of a world free from inescapable dicks then proof-of-concept comedy short Must Kill Karl is for you." DIRECTORS NOTES

"A cruelly funny short created by Joe Kicak and Karen Moore with a punch-drunken humour that is well-rounded and continuously delivers strong comedic moments." FILM SHORTAGE

"Must Kill Karl takes the lack of social norm (re: friend breakups) to an extreme in the way that the best dark comedies do, mingling laughter and provocation in an unforgettable way." OMELETO

A slickly done modern comedy filled with the overt insanity we expect, affecting drama we don’t, and a bitingly intense finale." ONE FILM FAN

"Director Joe Kicak portrays a believable world and stretches it to the extreme & Moore’s succinct script allows each moment to feed sweetly in to the next, building towards a black humoured finale which saves the best till last." TRY THE OTHER GUY



"An eye-opening and shocking short that will keep you on edge for the duration of the film"  SHORT FILM FAN

"The most intense moment-to-moment experiences I've seen on film" MOVIEMAKER MAGAZINE



"Detention Adventure brings action, adventure, science and fun to young viewers" TV EH

"Detention Adventure uses science to take you on the ultimate quest" THE TV JUNKIES